April meeting – Ilkley Community Steps Up to Save the Pool and Lido

Use it or Lose it The future of Ilkley Pool and Lido is under review as part of the huge cost savings Bradford Council has to make in 2023-4 and onwards. Along with all the swimming pools across Bradford, Ilkley Pool and Lido is being considered for closure. Currently the Pool and Lido operates at […]

April Pool & Lido Public Meeting Briefing

28.01.2024 Members of the core group with current affiliations. Becky Malby (founder) Joanne Bown & John Pegington (Ilkley Swimming Club), Debbie Rosen, Annette Bearpark & Davy Simpson (Friends of Ilkley Lido), Paul Stephens (Ilkley Harriers), Roger Tilbrook (Manor House), Di Lury (Ilkley Clean River Group) Karl Akeroyd (Leeds Bradford Triathlon) Cath Brownlee, Jacki Barson, Joanne […]