Ilkley Pool

'The future of the pool and Lido are under threat. The best way to live an active and healthy lifestyle is to have easy access to facilities. Closing the pool and lido will remove this access for many people. As a professional athlete, I am a big advocate of being active and the benefits to one’s physical and mental health. Additionally, learning to swim is a crucial skill for children’s safety. Removing another pool will put strain on an already overcrowded system. I have personally seen the benefit of Ilkley swimming pool and lido. I used the pools in my early years training with City Of Bradford swimming club. The access to a 25m pool allowed me to train regularly and reach my goals. It would be a shame to deny other children this opportunity. At this time we should be removing barriers to living an active and healthy lifestyle, not increasing them.' Jonathan Brownlee

A group of committed Ilkley residents  are developing proposals to secure the long term future of the site and facilities through community ownership of the pool, lido and grounds. We believe the Pool and Lido are key to the health, and prosperity of the town’s residents and businesses.

Members of the core group with current affiliations

Becky Malby (founder), Joanne Bown & John Pegington (Ilkley Swimming Club), Debbie Rosen, Annette Bearpark & Davy Simpson (Friends of Ilkley Lido), Paul Stephens (Ilkley Harriers), Roger Tilbrook (Manor House), Di Lury (Ilkley Clean River Group) Cath Brownlee, Juliet O’Callaghan, Adrian Clarke, Chris Cody.

Ilkley Pool and Lido Community Ownership Update and Next Steps

Join us at Ilkley Pool and Lido Community Ownership event to discuss how we can collectively secure the future of the Pool and Lido.

Stay informed or offer your support

For Ilkley Pool & Lido Community Ownership to be a success, we need your support.  If you would like to offer your support (or just want to be kept up to date),  please share your details using our Google Form.

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